“When To Quit”

Two humpback whales campaign for the right to get legally married in the state of Louisiana. A left-wing senator, played by Tom Hanks, takes their cause to Washington, where he is laughed out of the Whitehouse.


2 Responses to ““When To Quit””

  1. Mickie Montrose Says:

    Your pic is of Killer Whales which made me think perhaps a Killer Whale (gay) and a Humpback Whale (gay) wanna hook up and are disowned by their pods. To escape persecution they decide to runaway and join the cast of Sea World Louisiana as they do a great Tap Dancin’ Whales Show -pitch to Pixar needs CGI.

    The story is loosely based on Roy and Silo the gay penguins central park zoo, Happy Feet and Milk.

  2. pagan abandon Says:

    oh yeah, oops, wrong whales. that makes it even better, ie totally ill-informed.

    wow, Roy and SIlo! I had not heard of them. What a great story!

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