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April 26, 2010

A group of multiracial children are watching the movie “Cocoon”. The little pakistani girl is frightened.


“Twice Denied”

March 18, 2010

A boy’s dream is to become a mime but his father insists he must work on the family farm. The boy finds ways to practise his art in the barn and becomes a brilliant mime.

The father sees him by accident one day, and is moved to tears by his son’s talent. He sells the family farm to send the boy to the best mime school in the world: in Paris, France.

When the boy arrives at customs, he is denied entry to France due to a forgotten drug charge.  (This movie is not a happy story as it seemed, but rather a cautionary tale about the perils of illicit behaviour.)

M.M. suggested that the jail he is sent to has invisible walls. Obviously this is a perfect idea.

Also from M.M. – “In one scene the father beats his son severely as instead of spraying the field with insecticide as he was told to he ‘mime sprayed’ and the whole seasons crop is gone to waste.”