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“Constable Cuts Loose”

August 7, 2010

After 30 years with the force, a retired homicide detective goes to a waterslide park to unwind.

(Details yet to be worked out. Possible development: he meets a group of happy-go-lucky multi-racial teens who show him that it’s not age that makes you young.)


“Island of Lost Lols”

April 26, 2010

A police officer is at sea with a dog and a cat. Their vessel is sinking, when it runs aground on a reef near Tahiti. They must figure out what to do, but it proves difficult: The dog hates the cat, the cat hates the cop, and the cop hates the dog. Things get ugly (and hilarious!), until an unlikely mediator, played by U2’s Bono, steps in.

Featuring Wesley Snipes as the police officer, Will Ferrell as the dog, and Hugh Grant as the cat.

“The comedy of the year!” –  NY Times

“Monkey Malone”

April 26, 2010

An ex-showbiz chimp falls into a bad crowd. He bears witness to the shooting of an Italian restaurant owner and becomes a target himself. He is put into witness protection in a small retirement village, where he rapidly becomes a local celebrity.

“Not Until Now”

March 26, 2010

A double agent, a single mom, and a drug addict become the best of friends. Little do they realise they are in for the ride of their lives!!

MM:  It must be a disaster movie that throws these 3 people together and they realise against all the odds that they have more in common than not.

PA:  The disaster is that a local shopping mall has closed.

“A Dog’s Life”

February 8, 2010

A seeing-eye dog bears witness to a brutal murder. The authorities place it in witness protection in a small rural town. It attends the local high school where it rapidly scales the social ladder and tries out for quarterback.

Alternatively, a seeing-eye bear dogs a wise guy into turning state. They are both placed in witness protection etc
And we change quarterback to cheerleader (much humour derived from bear in dress and lipstick). Title “A Dogged Life”.

-Mickie M.

“Jamahl on Campus”

February 1, 2010

An ethnic man working in a convenience store decides he wants to go to college. He moves into a dorm and the other freshmen tease him about being a virgin. Eventually they learn about his culture and see him in a different light.

(Much humour comes from the juxtaposition of a muslim in a frat house environment trying new things.)