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“A Newcastle Tail”

June 9, 2010

In this heartwarming blockbuster based on true events, a runaway border collie is on the loose in downtown Newcastle. A single mum with a heart of gold named Jennie Herbertson (played by Drew Barrymore) resolves to catch the lost pet and find its owner. In order to succeed on her mission, she learns that nothing great can be achieved alone. She recruits the help of the local boozehounds, along with the CBD bus-stop crowd, to assist in capturing the feisty pup.

What Jennie doesn’t realise is that the boozehounds have a long-standing feud with the bus-stop crowd over some jewels that mysteriously went missing from the Civic park toilets during the Great Depression. When Jennie is out of earshot the two rival gangs hurl abuse and threats at each other!

But when the heedless puppy reappears down an alley with its head cocked to one side and a fish skeleton stuck in its fur, everyone’s heart melts and the boozehounds and the bus-stop crowd join together in a group hug. Jennie grabs the sheepish pup by the collar and smiles as she ruffles its fur, wondering what other newcastle pets might be in need of her help.


“When Night Falls Again in Cincinatti”

March 26, 2010

An ex army lieutenant and a junkyard dog become the best of friends. They laugh, cry, drink, and smoke crack together. In a particularly moving scene, the dog puts on some old Frank Sinatra records and they have a little slow-dance in the moonlight.

“Twice Denied”

March 18, 2010

A boy’s dream is to become a mime but his father insists he must work on the family farm. The boy finds ways to practise his art in the barn and becomes a brilliant mime.

The father sees him by accident one day, and is moved to tears by his son’s talent. He sells the family farm to send the boy to the best mime school in the world: in Paris, France.

When the boy arrives at customs, he is denied entry to France due to a forgotten drug charge.  (This movie is not a happy story as it seemed, but rather a cautionary tale about the perils of illicit behaviour.)

M.M. suggested that the jail he is sent to has invisible walls. Obviously this is a perfect idea.

Also from M.M. – “In one scene the father beats his son severely as instead of spraying the field with insecticide as he was told to he ‘mime sprayed’ and the whole seasons crop is gone to waste.”

“Rodeo Dreams”

March 14, 2010

A man who left his family to follow his dreams in the rodeo longs to know his son. He finds the boy, who, now 12, is interested in skateboarding. The father buys a skateboard and attempts to ride, but learns he is better suited to riding bulls and returns to the rodeo. His son is glad to see the end of him.

Twist ending by Mickie Montrose: after returning to rodeo the man finds his horse has left him and that the horse can skateboard amazingly well. Realisation.