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“Monkey Malone”

April 26, 2010

An ex-showbiz chimp falls into a bad crowd. He bears witness to the shooting of an Italian restaurant owner and becomes a target himself. He is put into witness protection in a small retirement village, where he rapidly becomes a local celebrity.


“Me, My Elf, and I”

March 21, 2010

A Chicago homicide detective decides to investigate a rumour about a band of wood elves living in a local forest. He finds them where he least expects to: in an urban slum. but yeah, the slum is enchanted.

(The head wood elf played by Eddie Murphy.)

“Speaking For Myself”

March 14, 2010

A little-known ventriloquist dummy finds himself at the centre of a very ugly custody battle.

Mickie Montrose: Catchphrase- “I’m not your Pinocchio.” Cries then storms out of room (somehow).

“Venomous Aces”

March 10, 2010

A celebrity poker match goes horribly wrong. (Details yet to be worked out)

Tagline: “These arn’t cards, they’re SNAKES!”  -Mickie M.